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Please share: Hey everybody! Rock Sugar’s very own multi-talented lead vocalist Jess Harnell has another brand new amazing animated series premiering soon that will be airing on Disney XD, Disney Channel and Disney Junior! And on the show, Jesse is married to none other than Kelly Osbourne - even his cartoons rock! 

The new laugh-out-loud funny animated series, “The 7D,” takes a fresh, comedic look at the world of the famous Seven Dwarfs, this time set in a brand new contemporary storybook world. Each episode features stories set in the whimsical world of the 7D while two comically evil villains, Grim (Jesse) and Hildy Gloom (Kelly Osbounre), plot to take over the kingdom and steal the magic jewels in the 7D’s mine. But one way or another, the 7D always manage to save the day and send Grim and Hildy running back to their evil lair to try again. 

The series all star voice cast includes: Kelly Osbourne as Hildy; Jess Harnell as Grim (pictured); Leigh-Allyn Baker as Queen Delightful; Paul Rugg as Lord Starchbottom; Bill Farmer as Doc; Maurice LaMarche as Grumpy; Kevin Michael Richardson as Happy; Scott Menville as Sneezy; Stephen Stanton as Sleepy; Billy West as Bashful and Dee Bradley Baker as Dopey.

Here it is again! Rock Sugar’s holiday gift to you: “Dont Stop The Santa Man”, the world’s first ever Journey/Metallica/Santa Claus mash up!

Please enjoy it and share it with anybody who could use a smile today!

Hey everybody,
It’s Jesse! I just got back from appearing at the awesome Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention and it was amazing! The organizer, Joe Thordarson, made a point of making sure there were a lot of fun things to encourage creativity in kids and one of these was a live concert by the School of Rock Memphis with me singing. These kids are amazing and they can really play - please check out these clips! It was an honor for me to rock out with them and it’s always fantastic to see our many friends old and new in Memphis. Can’t wait til next time!

Don’t Stop Believin’

Pour Some Sugar On Me

I Love Rock n Roll

Jesse’s Girl

Enter Sandman

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